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Luan Web Hosting

Luan is currently mostly used for building websites. Luan includes a web hosting solution. You can install this for your own use, or you can just use our web host for free. I will explain how to use our web host.

Start by creating an empty working directory. In this working directory, create a sub-directory called src. This will contain the website. Now in the working directory, make shell script called containing:

	luan luan:http/serve.luan src

Run this script and go to http://localhost:8080/ in your browser. You should see the empty src directory. Now put some HTML files in src. You should see them in the browser. If you click on an HTML file, it should render. If you want HTML for the home page, use index.html. To use Luan to generate HTML, use whatever.html.luan as described the Luan tutorial.

Suppose your domain is Our web host is So create a DNS CNAME record pointing to Now make a shell script in the working directory called containing:

	luan luan:host/push.luan password src

Replace "password" with whatever password you want.

Running this script will create your website. Running it again will update your website.

If you are wondering why we offer this for free, it is because I am certain that modern scum (members of modern culture) will never use it. Modern scum hate everything that is simple and good, and love overcomplicated crap. So the free Luan hosting service will never have significant use, so I can easily offer it for free.